Membership Privilege

Member Benefits includes Business networking during seminars, conferences, meetings and other programmes of the institute. Attractive discount enjoyed by corporate members nominees and individual who attend NIMDIR courses, conferences and seminars. Regular supply of NIMDIR bi-annual journal, newsletter sent to every financial member for free of charge. Consultancy service to individual and corporate members at higher reduced rate. Access to institute’s facilities such as library, film rental services. Opportunity to present papers during the institute’s training and membership programmes for a handsome reward.

Membership induction programme:

The institute conducts induction programme for the newly elected members as well as for all candidates that have passed all the prescribed qualifying professional examinations for associate. The membership induction is a biannual event with one run held in Nigeria and Ghana respectively.

Mandatory continuing manpower education (M.A.C.M.E):

The institute organizes the M.A.C.M.E. for members on quarterly basis. The first and third quarter runs hold in Nigeria, while the second and fourth quarter runs hold in Ghana. Professional members are obliged to participate at least once every year in a location of their choice. The M.A.C.M.E. offers opportunity for members to update themselves on global trends and best practices on manpower development, corporate administration and industrial relations.


The manpower development journal is a biannual publication of the institute, which is sent to all financial members of the institute, free. The first edition of the publication in a given year comes out on or before 30th of June, while the second edition gets to all members before 30th of November.