Our Membership Service

The institute of offers individual membership services to graduate employees of all public and private sectors organizations and corporate membership services to educational institutions, from nursery to tertiary institutions of higher learning; training institutions; and trade unions/associations.

Professional Membership Grade

The institute’s membership grades are based on experience, educational background, courses taken examinations passed and contributions to knowledge as well as age. The appropriate educational background may be a university degree in a field related to education, human resources, personnel management, industrial relations on in the pursuit of which one has taken course relevant to the above mentioned disciplines; the final examinations of appropriate bodies.

Membership Examination

The institute conducts professional examination for fresh graduates of human resources management; education and industrial relations disciplines as prerequisites for election to the associate membership grade. The professional examinations are in two diets viz; March and November of every year, while registration for the examinations takes place between December and January. (for March diet) and June/July for November diet. The institute has tutorial centres located in major cities in Nigeria and Ghana. On registering for the examinations, candidates are directed to the centre considered best accessible to them; for preparatory classes. Graduates are entitled to exemptions based on their disciplines and compliance with all the necessary exemption conditions as stipulated by the council of the institute.

Membership Structure