Our Core Objectives

The Objectives of the Institute includes:

• Developing manpower skills and other competencies, required for optimal performance of employees, in the public and private sectors of the global economy.

• Providing facilities for interested persons to meet and discuss board cooperate and industrial issues problems and practices.

• Conducting result oriented research for organizations in the public and private sectors.

• Liaising with the appropriate bodies in the pursuit of industrial peace and harmony.

• Promoting functional education in Africa and other continents on the world.

• Providing through meetings, conference, seminars, symposia and printed material, information, discussions and comments on the board aspect of business and industrial practices.

• Conducting professional examinations and organize continuing education programme in an effort to maintain standards of professional practices in the public and private sectors of our economy.

• Encouraging and advancing the interest of individuals and organizations engaged in manpower development, business consultancy, research and industrial relations.