Manpower Training

The institute runs various course (locally and internationally) throughout the year for managers and administrators. The functional courses provide training on General Administration: Human capital Development; industrial relations; financial and economic Management; Engineering and Operational Management; Customer Development and Information Communication Technology.

At NIMDIR, we deliver quality Manpower Training Solutions for Individuals, Organizations and Government Agencies...

The Institute regularly runs international training in Ghana, South Africa, United Kingdom, Dubai, Gambia and United States of America.


The training programmes offered by the institute are of two categories; In-plant/In-house programme which are conducted at the request of the client, with inputs specially tailored to the requirement of the clients. Scheduled training programmes conducted by the institute using qualified faculty.


The content of the various courses are covered by formal lectures, group discussions and case studies as well as practical exercise. Film and other audio-visual are also extensively available to illustrate points and techniques.


Organizations are free to register their nominees by sending their letters of nomination to the institute, indicating the courses of interests and the names of their nominees. Completed application forms should be returned to the executive director, manpower development services. The appropriate course fee must accompany the completed form. It is advisable that both the letter of nomination or application forms and other course fee reach the institute not later than two weeks before the commencement date of each course. This facilitates administrative process. Fees do not normally cover accommodations and boarding, unless so specified in the course description.


Payment is by bank draft payable to the institute of manpower development and industrial relations or online into the relevant accounts through the nearest branch of guaranty trust bank plc. Our account no. is: 203231104110. The advertised course fees cover lectures, course materials, lunch and tea break.


Nomination of 5 or more participants attracts 10% discount, while any in-house applications for any of the institute’s courses with up to 20 participants attract 25% discount on the total gross amount payable, provided the organization provides the feeding and lecture venue for the in-house course.


The following conditions will apply:

. If the cancellation of a confirmed reservation is made more than four weeks before a course starts, the course fee is returned in full.

. If the cancellation is made in less than four weeks, but more than one week before a course starts. Only half of the fee is refundable.

. If the cancellation is made a week or less before the course start, the fee is liable to forfeiture.

. If no formal cancellation has been notified, but the nominee fails to report for the course, the fee is liable to forfeiture.

. Within the four weeks period preceding the start of a course, the institute cannot transfer a reservation to a later course, since there is a seldom-sufficient time to arrange the attendance of a replacement and planned income is lost.

. The institute may however accept a substitute nominee from the organization concerned, if he/she has comparable experience and qualifications.

. The institute’s course certificates are awarded at the end of each course. To qualify for a certificate, trainee must satisfy the in-house course attendance requirements.